The following Merchandise has been designed exclusively by our very dear Esther Witherall. You can view her designs on her website at

Pink Face Mask 3 ply (washable)                  Blue Face Mask 3 ply (washable)                Pink Steel Thermal Bottle                             Blue Steel Thermal Bottle

£8.50                                                                    £8.50                                                             (tbc)                                                                  (tbc)

Blue Water Bottle                                       Pink Water Bottle                                 Navy Blue Neck Tube Scarf with White Logo

Small 400ml £9.50                             Small 400ml £9.50                 £18.50
Medium 500ml £10.50                       Medium 500ml £10.50
Large 600ml £11.50                             Large 600ml £11.50


Pink Neck Tube Scarf with White Logo


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